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Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015

Hello! Hello!
I dreamed about it during last two years!!!

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015

Scrapbooking for me is a Magic.
I started my scrapbooking way with few pages of Graphic 45's paper.
So for me... Graphic 45 is a Magic!!!

And today I want to tell you why it is so...

Sometimes it so happens that on an ordinary day life opens one of its magic doors and you find yourself in other surprising world full of discoveries and adventures. Once among the pile of paper and cuttings you will take one of them with your fingertips and will not even notice that it has already began. But in fact scrapbooking is just the  magic at your fingertips.
A beautiful picture which was to be the decoration of a post card opened me one of the magic doors. But I will tell you everything in order.

Buying a lovely set of paper Graphic 45 "The Secret Garden" for its beautiful colors and clippings I didn't even think what the story was the basis of creating the book.
"Frances Hodson Burnett" it said.
"Hmm!" I thought.

Having learnt of the book for children "The Secret Garden" written by this lady I found it and...
I forgot about it.
But you know magic is like a jumping and spinning top in a closet box.
It knocks and bangs:"I am here! I am here!"
And one ordinary day I opened the first page of this book and everything around me became unusual. As the saying goes in order to change one's life it's enough to read five books; but to read these books all one need to read thousands. No wonder for me the novel "The Secret Garden" by F.Burnett became a special one. This book has given me a new world. The world of magic, inspiration and pleasure, situated behind the same magic door which little Miss Mary could open and which I can open with ease when there is a need to do it. After all this door into the beautiful garden is in my heart.

And I am grateful Graphic 45 for it!

Now let's see my works!

Book's Box 

This work with article and little tutorial has published in the ScrapInfo magazine
(я всех приглашаю за новым номером Скрап Инфо и хочу сказать, что мне понадобилось личное разрешение редактора журнала и лишь этот особенный случай (и теперь я обязана пройти в финал!), чтобы опубликовать мою работу в этом посте! )

Post Card

This one graced the cover of the Ukrainian magazine about hand-made:

Page 30х30

Miniature Pâtisserie

Shadow box

Wish me Luck!
Bon voyage!

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  1. Какие потрясные работы! Нереально красиво, интересно и со вкусом!

  2. Какие волшебные работы!! А эта чудесная кухонька Chrismas мне теперь будет ночами сниться!!! Я просто в восторге! )))

  3. Какие у тебя работы потрясающие!!! Удачи, Леночка!

  4. Леночка, всегда восхищаюсь твоими вкусными, изящными работами и желаю удачи от всей души!!!